Excercises: Drawing Each Other

Like many people I dread ‘icebreakers’ which can often feel like they’re designed to maximise embarrassment rather than dispel it. We did one in our first tutorial for the PG Cert however which seemed like a nice exception so I thought I’d write it up briefly for my own edification and perhaps also future use. In pairs, participants are given a piece of paper and pen each and must then draw each other simultaneously and very quickly without taking their eyes off the other person, i.e. without looking down at the unfolding drawing. The results are messy but also very funny and sometimes weirdly close to mark. Everyone’s efforts are a bit crap, but that’s precisely what seems to make it work and the drawings themselves are something nice to take away afterwards. Here are some of me by my fellow students:

pg-cert001 pg-cert003pg-cert002 pg-cert005


Author: Lewis Bush

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